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Crop Forecast

Awesome words from FounderWe harvest with high certainty for the transformation of Agriculture

“Welcome to the Crop Forecast Assistant, where tradition meets technology. Our journey began with a simple question: how can we empower farmers with the tools to make better decisions in the face of nature’s uncertainties? Today, I’m excited to introduce a platform that redefines farming through AI and data-driven insights.

The Crop Forecast Assistant combines the power of AI and Machine Learning to provide actionable insights for optimized yield and sustainability. Our goal is clear: to shape a future where agriculture is smarter and more in tune with the world. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.”

Thanh Tran, CEO

About Crop Forecast AssistantAn Innovation to change farming endeavors

A revolutionary leap in agricultural technology, driven by the prowess of AI and Machine Learning. Imagine a world where the uncertainties of weather fluctuations, soil health, and crop conditions are no longer barriers to thriving harvests.

Our platform meticulously analyzes an array of diverse data, encompassing historical weather trends, up-to-the-minute climatic updates, soil composition variations, and real-time crop health indicators. Through this holistic evaluation, the platform doesn’t just provide predictions, but rather delivers insightful forecasts that empower farmers to make intelligent, data-supported decisions.

In the realm of farming, our Crop Forecast Assistant becomes an invaluable companion, guiding farmers towards optimal choices for planting, irrigation, and harvesting. Beyond these immediate benefits, it fosters sustainability by curbing resource waste through precise resource allocation recommendations, ushering in a new era of eco-conscious agriculture.

Our Ambition

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Crop forecast

Product FeaturesA technology-first approach to farm data

Modern Agro Machinery
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Data Integration Hub

Seamlessly aggregates and analyzes diverse data sources, including historical climate patterns, real-time weather updates, soil composition, and crop health indicators.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Recommends precise resource allocation strategies, such as irrigation and fertilization schedules, based on the analysis of real-time soil moisture levels, nutrient content, and crop health.

Historical Trends Analysis

Allows farmers to delve into historical data trends to identify recurring patterns and correlations.

AI-Driven Predictive Modeling

Employs advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms to forecast crop yields based on the amalgamation of historical and real-time data

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Provides farmers with real-time alerts and notifications regarding weather changes, pest outbreaks, and other critical factors affecting their crops.

Sustainability Metrics Tracking

Monitors and tracks sustainability metrics, such as water usage, nutrient efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction.

Pricing Tables Pricing Plans for you

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Farming is complex.
Crop Forecast Assistant is easy.
Sit back and grow, manage, profit.

Worried about the state of crops when you're not looking?

Based on satellite images, Crop Forecast Assistant helps farmers to manage multiple fields, cut costs on resources and take reliable decisions. Big data covers big issues

  • Easy-to-read maps
  • Data-driven decisions
  • AI cloud mask
  • Vegetation indices
  • Field leaderboard

Soil and Field Analysis

Drones in agriculture are highly suitable for analysing crop areas or fields. They are embedded with sensors that can actually help farmers identify:

  • Moisture content in the soil
  • Terrain or hilly areas conditions
  • Soil conditions or, most particularly, soil erosion
  • Amount of nutrients or fertility in the soil

Tired of wasting your budget on inefficient fertilizing methods?

Variable rate application will help you save up to 20% on seeds and fertilizers. Use zoning to reveal your field’s true productivity and vegetation maps.

  • Productivity maps
  • Vegetation maps
  • Prescription maps
  • Compatibility with top manufacturers equipment

Problems with your crops go unnoticed until it's way too late?

Satellite monitoring allows for early and more accurate problem areas detection. Scouts do not get sent for a wild goose chase!

  • On-field changes notifications
  • Precise problem area detection
  • Downloadable scout reports
  • Mobile app to assist scouts

Unexpected weather events tamper with your crops productivity levels?

Solution: a 14-day weather forecast for each individual field for a more flexible planning

  • Historical weather data archive
  • Reliable 14-day weather forecast
  • Weather risk assessment

Find it extremely hard to keep track of all your field activities throughout the season?

Field activity log allows you to effortlessly plan and monitor all of your field activities for all of the crops in one place. Now it’s all under control.

  • Easy-to-handle activity organizer and planner
  • Notifications about deviations from schedule
  • Notifications about equipment failure
  • Automated activity cost estimation
  • Analysis of costs, deviations from schedule, and more
  • Machinery and equipment allocation

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