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225 W 8th Ave #300
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1N3

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Start Optimizing Your Farming Strategy: Harness the power of advanced AI and Machine Learning technology to make informed decisions about your farming operations.


Experience Accurate Crop Yield Predictions: Say goodbye to uncertainty and guesswork in your agricultural endeavors. Join our platform to access state-of-the-art AI algorithms that analyze a wide range of data, including historical climate patterns, soil conditions, and crop health.


Join the Future of Sustainable Agriculture: Embrace cutting-edge technology that not only improves your farm's profitability but also contributes to sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.


About Crop Forecast AssistantAn Innovation to change farming endeavors

Crop Forecast

A revolutionary leap in agricultural technology, driven by the prowess of AI and Machine Learning. Imagine a world where the uncertainties of weather fluctuations, soil health, and crop conditions are no longer barriers to thriving harvests.

Our platform meticulously analyzes an array of diverse data, encompassing historical weather trends, up-to-the-minute climatic updates, soil composition variations, and real-time crop health indicators. Through this holistic evaluation, the platform doesn’t just provide predictions, but rather delivers insightful forecasts that empower farmers to make intelligent, data-supported decisions.

Agrarium EST 1956
20 years of experience in agriculture commodity products

Data Driven ApproachContinuously improving your agricultural infrastructure

a robust data-driven approach, harnessing AI and Machine Learning to analyze an array of data – from historical climate patterns and real-time weather updates to soil composition and crop health indicators.
This comprehensive analysis empowers farmers with actionable insights, facilitating informed decisions. Whether it’s optimizing planting times, adjusting irrigation schedules, or predicting pest outbreaks, the platform’s data-driven insights lead to more efficient and sustainable farming practices. Ultimately, the Crop Forecast Assistant reshapes agriculture, making every decision a product of informed data interpretation.

HistoryFarming have been since 1956

TeamKey people in Crop Forecast Assistant

Mr. Luy Truong

Operation Director

Ms. Lan Bui

Sales Director

Crop Forecast Assistant

Better today. Better tomorrow.

Our technologies help farmers maximize profit, increase yield, and protect their valuable crop production resources for the next generation. We are constantly learning and refining. We then apply our technology to solve specific farmer pain points and increase profitability. Join our Newsletter for occasional updates and new product offerings.

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225 W 8th Ave #300,
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Ms. Thanh Tran


Ms Thanh Tran has over 12 years of experience working in the Global Grain Trading Industry. She has been in the roles of Sales and Marketing to manage the whole trading flow to over 20 international markets.

Her intensive experiences to work for leading grain exporters from Australia, Singapore and Japan offered her opportunities to view the agricultural world in diversified aspects. She could transfer her ambition to create an innovative solution to make a significant contribution to Canada agriculture.

Mr. Luy Truong

Operation Director

Mr. Luy has over 15 years working as Legal Expert in Japan Vietnam Fertilizer, Campina Vietnam, Samsung Vietnam… He is also a founder of a successful law firm since 2011.

With his sense of understanding business nature, as a Operation Manager, he will be responsible to collaborate with other co-founders in development long term operational plans with business optimization.


Ms. Lan Bui

Sales Director

Ms. Lan Bui has obtained valuable experience through over 15 years working as General Manager for agriculture product trading and grain processing industries.

As a Sales Director of Crop Forecast Assistant, she will be responsible to develop and execute the strategic plans to achieve sales target and expand the customer base.